Surfers unite rotarian fellowship

What is Surfers Unite Rotarian Fellowship?

A Rotarian since 2002 and surfer from Southern California,  Brett Morey started Surfers Unite Rotarian Fellowship to:
CONNECT Rotarians, Rotaractors & Interactors around the world, HOST Learn to Surf events and host Rotarians at each others homes, ATTRACT younger members to Rotary by doing events that are fun and relevant, create MENTOR relationships between Rotarians and leaders within Rotaract and Interact, do PADDLE out for Polio events to raise awareness and funds for the End Polio Now campaign and SHARE the Aloha Spirit.  Together we make CHAMPS in Rotary!  Join the fellowship and get involved today!

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If you are a Rotaractor or Interactor you can join Surfers Unite Rotarian Fellowship for free.  Rotarians and spouses of Rotarians can join for $20 per year or $150 for a Lifetime Membership which includes $48 in gear.

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